One of our principal objectives at WP Mayor is to bridge the gap between people offering WordPress plugins/themes/services and agencies/developers/end users.

For this reason we offer an array of services designed to help your product attract a bigger audience.

Product Analysis Service

You have created a WordPress plugin or theme and are pretty happy with your creation. You want to showcase it's features to the rest of the world but feel that a third party can better put in words why your product is useful by actually taking it for a test drive and reporting on their experience.

In essence, this is what we provide with our Product Analysis service. We will take a global view of your product by testing it out, looking at the documentation, pricing, user interface, and general usefulness. Then we will proceed to write a full review that will be published on WP Mayor.

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Sponsored Posts

We daily receive many emails by developers who want to announce the launch of their new plugin, theme or WordPress service. It is impossible for us to review them all, so we are offering sponsored posts for those of you who already have an article ready and want to reach thousands of targeted WordPress users through our blog.

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Newsletter Sponsor

We send out two newsletters every week, and you’ve got the chance to advertise on either, or both of them. Each advert will run for a period of one week and your post will be front and centre on all blog pages of the site.

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Giveaways are a great way to give something back to the WordPress community while also attracting a high degree of interest in your service/product.

We run a giveaway every Monday, and they always generate a lot of interest, making them a win-win for all the parties involved.

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Sponsored Tweet

We will publish a tweet promoting your product. This is ideal for new plugin/theme/service announcements, as well as the implementing of new features to an otherwise well established product.

Sponsored tweets also work great for featuring temporary discounts or giveaways.

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One Month Sponsorship

Sponsorships are a great way to help us and promote yourself at the same time. This is our bundle that contains a Banner ad, 5 Tweets of your choice, 1 article about your service/plugin/theme and 2 promotional articles you supply, at one great price.

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Sponsored Post on

Publish your own post on our partner site, to reach a different audience that is looking for all the best WordPress news, tutorials and more from around the WordPress world.

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Banner ads

All our banner ads are handled by BuySellAds. Please visit our profile on BSA to apply for a banner spot.

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