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Where can you find WordPress jobs?

Whether you are looking for good WordPress developers, or looking for a WordPress job, there are a couple of places which are buzzing with WordPress-related requests. We have gone to the trouble of visiting all the major job boards in the world, found the ones which regularly featured WordPress jobs, and aggregated them on this page for your comfort. This way, you just need to bookmark this page and visit whenever you are looking for a WordPress job. If on the other hand you are looking to hire a WordPress developer or designer, you have a list of places to post your ad at.

My favourite places for getting WordPress freelance jobs are Jobs.WordPress.net and FreelanceSwitch.com. WPHired also features some cool openings from time to time. If you are looking for a full time gig, Simply Hired is one of the best places to be searching.

Below you can find a range of WordPress jobs from the best WP-related job boards around the world. This page offers the convenience of aggregating all the job offers from several sites on one page, so check back regularly to see what new jobs are available for you.


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