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  1. sjmsing
    Jan 14 - 17:09

    Thanks, code worked for me.

  2. adamjameswoods
    Feb 10 - 09:26

    Hi, Can this piece of code be implemented with just the basic CSS upgrade?

    Being a novice, I’m not sure if this article is about .org sites or .com sites.



  3. Krystle S
    Mar 06 - 11:47

    I have the same question as adamjameswoods — does this work (and if so where do I put in it) for a basic site with the Custom Design Upgrade.

  4. 8ivek
    Apr 27 - 00:52

    Thank you very very much the code worked for me as well :)

  5. Bingbaling
    May 28 - 12:44

    My website goes blank after I paste the code in the functions.php file. Not cool x)

  6. nev
    Sep 09 - 10:29

    Does excluding a category automatically exclude its sub/child-categories?

  7. nev
    Sep 09 - 10:57

    There are errors in the code above, but I can’t write the corrections here because the page refuses to render them.

    All instances of ampersand followed by lowercase g followed by lowercase t followed by semi-colon should be replaced by a hyphen followed by a greater-than sign

    • Jean Galea
      Sep 09 - 11:04

      There was a problem with code formatting, should work fine now.

  8. Nicki
    Sep 12 - 19:24

    Thanks so much for this!

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