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  1. Darryl
    Jan 08 - 17:17

    How many of these truly integrate into WordPress though? If a Slider can’t use the images or media attached to the post or page displaying the Slider, it seems half-assed to me.

    • Jean Galea
      Jan 09 - 03:10

      Sliders usually either work within posts in the way you describe, or have their own panel where you can upload several galleries. It depends what you want to do with them. There are definitely many sliders that can display images from posts or pages.

      • Sana Barkan
        Mar 12 - 05:01

        Great round up. You really have some of the wordpress better sliders here. If you are looking for a slider to show images from a post or page you should check this one out. I have recently uploaded it and so far it works perfect.

    • Dragan Nikolic
      Jan 18 - 13:08


      Thanks for pointing this out. It’s amazing how many WordPress sliders there are and it’s unbelievable how many of the “best ones” don’t use best practices.

      It’s once people try to delete or change them for some other slider that they realize “best” has a totally different meaning.

      • Jean Galea
        Feb 26 - 08:55

        RoyalSlider and Soliloquy, to name just two, can do this very well.

  2. Daniel Gutierrez
    Jan 08 - 17:41

    What about free slider plugins?

    • Jean Galea
      Jan 09 - 03:07

      These are the best I’ve found Daniel, there are free ones as well that might not offer these features. If you know of any free ones that are as good as these feel free to suggest them here.

      • Sana Barkan
        Mar 12 - 05:07

        A great new image slider
        responsive with a unique special effect feature and loads of other cool and useful features.
        Maybe you can consider adding it to your list.

  3. Aleksandar Gvozden
    Jan 09 - 15:11


    it’s funny you have not included CU3ER, the slider that started whole trend and got copied from most of the guys above
    * 3D/2D transitions
    * Responsive
    * Flash and Javascript version (with 3D too)
    * SEO friendly
    * Works in all browsers

    and hopefully next time we’ll make it on the list

    CU3ER team

    • Jean Galea
      Jan 09 - 17:23

      Hi Alex, I should have included this as well, I forgot it, added it now.

    • Kim
      Jan 10 - 12:04

      Looks nice but i really don’t like their business model. $149 for 5 domains is insanely greedy. Limiting the amount of domains for a plugin/theme is just meh…

      • Kim
        Jan 10 - 12:06

        *$145 that is…

      • CU3ER
        Jan 10 - 15:14


        thanks for your feedback
        this is initial offering, and we do plan to revise the pricing in the upcoming update
        however, once you register on the site better offers are available

        we priced it premium at the time of starting the business since almost everyone used CU3ER and we were the first with 3D Transitions so we didn’t want to have whole web annoyed by every site having CU3ER as a slider.

        since then many have copied us, and market is overcrowder but we still remain the one with really great features to offer like Responsive slider, Javascript 3D and most improtantly for PRO users a really good support that helps you create and embed the slider in your site.

        only thing we look forward to release is a video as a slide, but that will take some more time due to other things we are working on

        CU3ER team

    • chrisban35
      Oct 26 - 03:08

      I use Cu3er because it’s part of my ThemeForest Karma theme. But it’s insane to try and find the right pixel ratio to use so that it doesn’t pervert the quality of the banner. ThemeForest made the large 3D front page Cu3er 940×400, but in the Slides and Transitions “Default” settings, they have it set to 940×359.359…????

      No matter what pixel ratio I use, the banners loose about 10% to 15% and some as high as 20% quality… It’s crazy, and frustrating.. :)

  4. Sumit
    Jan 10 - 11:02

    hi there..
    These are the best I like it maost.

    Thank you for sharing….

  5. Muneeb
    Jan 10 - 18:11

    Please atleast review this free slider plugin

  6. Jason Faughnan
    Jan 18 - 00:27

    Good post but i am looking for a simple slideshow plugin with a sort of list setting.What i mean is that each image is like a single slide with a area to add a text description on the side. This is an example i found

    Ive gone through dozens on plugins and cant seem to find anything similar to this.Any help would be appreciated

  7. Cal
    Mar 13 - 00:15

    I was disappointed to find that this list is compiled all of sliders that you must pay for. What happened to wordpress’s stunning open source developer community? To another site to find a better list I guess.

    • Jean Galea
      Mar 13 - 05:03

      You will probably find free sliders, but if you want the best, these are the ones. Sometimes it is worth paying a few dollars to get a well developed product. With sliders being the center piece of many a homepage, I think it is well worth paying for them. Of course, you have the freedom to choose any plugin you wish, and the beauty of the WordPress community is that free and premium plugins co-exist happily.

    Mar 22 - 11:45

    It looks like all links are affiliate links, I cant see that you have written that anywhere!

    • Jean Galea
      Mar 22 - 17:09

      I will note it down, thanks for your suggestion. Not all are affiliate links however, and if you wouldn’t like to support the site by buying a product through the affiliate links, you are free to just search for it directly. It takes a lot of time and effort to run a site like this and we appreciate all those who support us by using the affiliate links. I should also mention that we only promote products that we truly believe in. In this regard, I am sure that if you try out some of our recommended sliders such as RoyalSlider or Soliloquy, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. Matthew Ruddy
    Apr 28 - 03:27

    Been working hard recently on some major Easing Slider updates, would be great if everyone check it out as well :) Easing Slider is a lighter alternative to the traditional slideshow plugin that’s built with a small footprint and ultra-smooth mobile integration, ideal for those conscious of bloat. It focuses on being simple, with a native feeling user interface. Lots of work gone into it, and we think you’ll really like it :)

    Would be great to get this added to the list too if possible!

  10. jashwant
    Apr 29 - 20:03

    I have recently developed a slider viz. KickAss Slider

    Its probably wordpress’s first free slider with CSS3 animation with drag and drop UI panel.

    • Jean Galea
      Jul 27 - 12:42

      Nice work Jashwant. You should submit it to the .org repository.

  11. Ibán López
    May 15 - 01:12

    It really hurts when you see the HTML code of any website using any of these sliders, all the styles are injected all over the HTML. The only one that convinces me is Soliloquy. As far as I’ve seen, It takes care of code, even in their site, all minified and js files at the end of HTML. But, it is very simple, with no animated layers. I’d like to see the code with animated layers.

    The one I like most is LayerSlider, I mean talking about design, is very powefull. I’ve used it and I think is wonderfull, but awfull in code. It gives you the hability to use custom css and alt or title and all these atributes but even using them, It continues to stream styles and transitions over HTML.

    So, what we have here is design vs SEO and web performance. When someone will do a slider that unifies both issues? Does anyone know a slider like that? Does anyone care about this? I’m not able to find a slider that fits SEO, web performance and html standards.

    • Matthew Ruddy
      May 15 - 01:31

      Hey Ibán, have a look at my plugin Easing Slider.

      I think the approach I’ve taken with it is what you are looking for. For example, it uses as little core styling as possible, and will only load the CSS and JS when you actually display a slideshow (although you have to enable this in the “Settings” panel). It loads a single CSS and JS file, minified, just 16kb in total. These can also be disabled in the “Settings” panel if you want to roll your own. No other random styling attributes are added, unless you start using the “Customize” panel.

      It’s also been built to be performant. I’ve come up with my own PHP image resizing functionality that will keep file sizes low and ensure they fit. I’ve also aimed for as little Javascript interference as possible, especially when it comes to mobile, so the scripting has been performance tested regarding browser reflows, repaints, etc.

      In the “Pro” version, some helper CSS classes have been included for easily controlling HTML content animations, as well as some positioning classes. More info can be found in the docs.

      Oh, and a few SEO options have been included. It is tough to make a slideshow work well for SEO as they aren’t particularly designed for it, but you can easily set each slide’s image title & alt attribute, etc.

      Definitely have a look at it :) I do hope you’ll like it!

      • Ibán López
        May 15 - 09:19

        Thanks a lot Matthew, sure I will check it out and tell you something about. I do really agree about the difficulty of making a slideshow taking care of SEO, but that’s the point. Thank you for yor reply.

      • Ibán López
        May 15 - 13:11

        Ok, Matthew, I’ve taken the personal license. I’m going to check it out and see how it works and performs. I’ll give you my opinion. If fits for me, I’ll go with developer license and will use it in my customer’s projects. Thanks.

        • Matthew Ruddy
          May 15 - 13:48

          That’s awesome to hear :) If you ever need a hand with anything, or run into trouble, don’t hesitate to contact me via the support form on the site here. I’ll get back to you in no time :)

      • Ibán López
        May 15 - 14:18

        Ok, thanks again. I like what I see by now. I’ll sit down with it today.

  12. mvixzora
    Jun 22 - 13:16

    which slider load faster with iframe/html code and embedded video

  13. Willy Grmisch
    Jul 10 - 10:12

    Thank you, great collection…

    I also found this one very useful online slideshow creator and it’s totally free:

    it also support great effects (e.g. kenburns, flipp, explode, …)

    • Jean Galea
      Jul 27 - 12:40

      It’s ok but I prefer one which is tightly integrated with WordPress. Try out Soliloquy, it’s got a great user experience.

  14. Lee
    Aug 19 - 03:51

    The “best” slider and sliders after days of research in relation to features & speed (not resource hogs) is:

    SlideDeck 2 & Slider Pro

    I haven’t made a decision yet on which one I want, mainly due to pricing schemes, but these two as far as I could find are the best of all.

    Hopos Slider & Soliloquy

    Are my next two…. Hopos is slightly less professional looking, but the slider itself and the features are very nice and the price is nice.

    People like to say Soliloquy is the best or one of, but frankly I can’t stand it. First, if they ever go out of business, you’re up the creek. Because nearly all of their features of worth require downloading and activating after install of the Plugin. Further, their features even with everything simply isn’t as close as any of the others save about the same as Hopos, maybe less.

    The ONLY GOOD thing about Soliloquy I like is they have a Lifetime License. This good for those of us who just have some private sites, aren’t some big developers etc. but want our stuff to keep working without having to pay out the butt every year. This is one reason I’m maybe leaning to Slider Pro, because they at least have unlimited updates, even though I have to purchase for each website (unique themes).

    There are of course other sliders, some with lot’s of features, but as far as I could tell, they all had some big limitations, either slider theme limitations and/or resource hogs. Some of these are the most popular mainly because idiots are putting them in their themes, and that’s just wrong and too bad. I would go with “Hopos Slider” before one of those. It wins in both theme designs and speed.

    Now, mines a useful “review”.

  15. nanno
    Sep 03 - 15:20

    whats that Plugin when you get to comments : you may also like :

  16. chrisban35
    Oct 26 - 03:00

    I’m genuinely a novice, and recently paid the bucks to Theme Forest for their Karma template for WordPress… Although I love the idea of a great slider, one of the most frustrating aspects is trying to find that perfect size to keep it from perverting the quality of the banners.

    ThemeForest really like Cu3er, and that’s what is embedded in their Theme Karma. Although I do like the great 3D effects when it slides, the lack of quality to my banners that I spent so much time on, is frustrating….

    Would you recommend another slider that could potentially be plugged into ThemeForest’s Karma theme? I know some of these themes are so tightly edited, that the simplest change can throw them off…

    But this is one novice who certainly would like to find a better slider that is capable of keeping the quality of my banner’s sharpness… :)

  17. Killo Ch.
    Nov 14 - 15:08

    I have been looking for a wordpress slider similar to this Joomla slider.

    Can anyone please help me locate something similar ?

  18. Thomas
    Feb 12 - 11:02

    Easing slider does not work well with responsive , we purchased it & then realised that add slides option is not working with the latest wp , tried all possible methods like disabling all plugins , reinstalling wp , reinstalling easing slider etc , still no luck , feels like we simply wasted 20Euros on it.

    • matthewruddy
      Feb 12 - 11:08

      Hi Thomas, that sounds very unusual. The plugin is tested with all the most recent versions of WordPress and should be working perfectly. As well, the plugin is fully responsive, but you must enable the responsive option for it to work. Can you try contacting support here? I’d be happy to deal with you personally and fix all of the issues you’re having :)

  19. Martin
    Feb 16 - 13:29

    Ohhh man. That layer slider is just amazing with the parallax effect. Anyone know about other sliders that can do that?

  20. Ciprian
    Feb 25 - 05:29

    Lots of great sliders! Have you seen the recently updated Gold Slider?

  21. Shade
    Mar 06 - 06:11

    Great list! By any chance, do you know of a WordPress Slider plugin that is comparable to the slider seen at : ?

  22. Pierre Washington
    Mar 11 - 19:39

    Yes, I would like to know the same info as Shade. I want a slider similar to : or . Jean I appreciate your time and effort. I purchased a item through your link :)

  23. Pierre
    Mar 12 - 14:22

    Hey Shade, This may help you. It is called Grid slider.

  24. Shade
    Mar 13 - 00:53

    Thank you Pierre! I’ll definitely check it out!

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