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  1. Jarrod
    Dec 01 - 17:56

    Autoblog at is also a good one, like FeedWordPress but a simpler interface for setting up feeds.

    I modified it to also support updating posts if that post in the feed gets updated, as well as pull in custom menus built on the site the feed comes from.

  2. Lawrence Blumberg
    Dec 18 - 07:41

    Thanks, Jean. Is there a way to get a download of version 1? The latest version isn’t working for me in WP 3.5, though version 1 is on another blog, same themes/plugins, settings, etc.

    I appreciate you.

  3. Jean Galea
    Dec 18 - 08:41

    Sure Lawrence, you can get previous versions from here:

  4. James Melbin
    Jan 23 - 19:47

    Woow, thanks. Don’t even know feedwordpress turns feeds to posts too, gona try em out now

  5. Daudi
    Mar 15 - 13:52

    Hi Jean,
    Thanks for developing this. I have an OPML file with about 500 feeds. Will your plugin be able to process 500 feeds (and more in the future)?

    • Jean Galea
      Mar 15 - 14:02

      Welcome Daudi. There is no limit per se as to how many feeds the plugin can process, so the simple answer would be yes, it will be able to do that. More likely though is that your server will have some trouble as the process of accessing 500 websites and getting their feeds is a lengthy one (a few minutes). I’m currently working on making it as efficient and fool proof as possible in order to handle such amounts without the page timing out.

  6. Houston Golden
    Apr 08 - 00:12

    Another awesome article Jean! I look forward to testing out your Wp-RSS-Aggregator plugin on some of my test sites! I am very interested in analyzing the php files of your plugin too, as I am trying to learn as much about this type of coding as possible. I still haven’t gotten my Sublime Text 2 to efficiently sit in my WordPress workflow, so I am still using DreamWeaver because it seems like it requires less steps to update via ftp. Anyways, could you maybe write an article on the the most awesome music aggregator on the Interwebz, I’ve been inspecting some of their code because I am trying to figure out how they embed their tracks into the music player from the rss feeds of music blogs. They somehow link to the embedded audio, which I think would be optimal as to not overload their own servers, right? I will be sure to let you know once I’ve used your plugin, and if I run into any problems, on my new project,

    May the force be with you!

    - Houston Golden

    • Jean Galea
      Apr 09 - 10:38

      Thanks for your comment Houston. is a cool aggregator indeed, however on this blog we only write about WordPress plugins.

  7. wikinaira
    Apr 19 - 18:03

    these plugin is great

  8. Rye
    Apr 20 - 05:00

    Is it possible to make each of these boxes an incoming RSS feed?

  9. Salvador
    May 08 - 12:15

    Too few to compare really. I don’t even mention the premium and professional solution, but the list too short even for freeware ones. For example:

  10. Danny
    May 26 - 01:17

    I love the wp rss aggregator plugin. I wish there was a way to it to add multiple posts with seperate feeds for different content or categories.

  11. joehefferon
    Sep 04 - 05:03

    Will this work for an industry-specific aggregation site? Thanks

  12. michael deflorimonte
    Sep 04 - 17:22

    I noticed that you didn’t include WP RSS Multi-Importer, which i just set up on my site yesterday. Appears to work ok, with lots of options. However, I did notice however that my site has slowed down a bit. I guess to generating the feeds? Thinking about switching to your plugin. Questions: (1) Can I display/format the feeds differently on various pages of my site? (2) Can I set default images for different categories of feeds that appear if the post doesn’t generate a thumbnail? (3) any tips/tricks to stop the site from slowing down with RSS feed plugins?

    Btw – thanks for the info!

    • Jean Galea
      Oct 30 - 15:39

      I’m not a fan of that plugin’s interface, nor the code itself.

      Considering all your questions, the Feed to Post add-on would be the ideal solution for your needs.

  13. Teri Adler
    Oct 14 - 20:47

    Hi all. The service I like best for RSS feeds is here: Pretty basic, easy-to-use, and looks good. They offer some formatting options to that you can use to display a limited number of items, characters, etc. I’m using it on many pages of my real estate blog to automatically display new information about homes for sale.


    - Teri

    • Jean Galea
      Oct 30 - 15:40

      An ok solution but it’s quite different from the plugins mentioned above, and of course it’s not in built into WordPress. Keep in mind the warning on that site as well: “This service is not guaranteed and is likely to go away.”

  14. dp
    Nov 18 - 12:52

    Hi Jean – I am hoping we have found what our client has been looking for :-) Using your plug in can we set up news feeds for specific keywords such as “steel prices”.

    Also where do the feeds come from, is it only from certain sites? Can we choose sites to pull news from? What are the sites the plug in uses?

    OK too many questions – I need to get back to our client so any feedback would be appreciated.

  15. John Malloy
    Jan 07 - 01:12

    Jean, could you share some site links, that display your plugin, in the most creative way?


    John Malloy

  16. Albert A (Albs)
    Feb 27 - 03:31

    WP RSS Aggregator Free version is completely not worth for aggregating purpose. and Pro version is costly and over priced.

    Better I should hire a freelancer for this. or I should try searching in Envanto marketplace.

    • Jean Galea
      Feb 27 - 09:06

      Thanks for the feedback Albert, everyone is of course entitled to make his choices. We have put in a lot of work on WP RSS Aggregator and we’re proud of the features it has and the support we offer for it. I wish you luck with your search, and if there are any features that you think are missing from WP RSS Aggregator, do let us know as we’re always on the lookout for more features to offer to our customers.

      • Albert A (Albs)
        Feb 28 - 01:34

        Hi Jean and Dave,

        Yes it is best with all Add-ons. But when it comes to licences and update it is costly. I searched in envanto market place. Found No good WP plugin except one PHP Script. But I want to run this with WP.

        Actually I know one Freelancer who can code professional applications Less than $100. and He is good at WP Customization and PHP. I should hire him and use his work for my own purpose also will sell it on Envanto.

        • Jean Galea
          Feb 28 - 17:16

          Hi Albert, as Dave said pricing is a subjective thing, so there’s not much I can do about that, except that I think the price is right given the value the plugin provides. The strong level of plugin sales and satisfied clients points in that direction too.

          Good luck with the freelancer. Sounds like you’ve got a business plan :)

    • Dave Langridge
      Feb 27 - 19:06

      Pricing is always subjective Albert, but having spent a lot of time searching for this kind of plugin, I came to the conclusion that WP RSS Aggregator with the Feed to Post add-on is really the best option currently on the market. And paying less than $100 for a plugin that will be one of the main components of the site doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me. I’ve searched on Envato and didn’t find anything close to WP RSS Aggregator in terms of functionality. And what about hiring a freelancer? Seriously, have you got an idea how complex the import functionality is? I suggest you take a look at the files of this plugin, if you can find a freelancer who can build all that for less than $100 let me know, I’d want to hire him myself!

      The free version of WP RSS Aggregator works perfectly for those who just want to have some news from other sites displaying on their site, it’s not intended for heavy duty aggregation and that’s fine.

      Anyway, just thought I’d chime in with my thoughts as a satisfied customer. Good luck!

  17. Dani Weymouth
    Mar 19 - 11:00

    I was relieve to finally find that works and does everything that I need it to do… but… unfortunately, I am having an issue with it and needed to use a second RSS aggregator, which I hate. Can your plugin support more than one plugin widget on a page? For example, I have one for News in the footer and wanted another one for Latest Shows in the sidebar on a couple of pages. On those couple of pages, the one in the sidebar starts scrolling ok but then scrolls uncontrollably and the one in the footer shows the same feeds as the one in the sidebar even though the widget settings are set differently. I am really hoping there is a fix to this. I’d like to use a couple or more separate RSS widgets throughout my site and so far your plugin seems to do more than the others.

  18. Share King
    Mar 20 - 00:46

    I’m using this plugin together with Excerpts&Thumbnails, Keyword Filtering and Categories extensions and it works great and is easy to use. I especially like the keyword filtering so that you can really display only the feed content (for each feed source) that is of interest to you. Together with exceptionally awesome support (thanks Jean!), this is a five star plugin!

  19. jonidbendo
    May 01 - 03:27

    Hi i installed this plugin a week ago, everything seems really great. I love its usability but on the other hand i find only one flow it throws errors when validating from a semantic point of view, it is not that important itself but since i am a perfection freak i thought of mentioning it. It is a minor bug but i thought i should let you know.

    • Jean Galea
      May 02 - 04:54

      Thanks for the feedback, I’m not sure I understand the nature of the flaw you mention, but I’d love to sort it out with you, please email us on so we can discuss this.

  20. Buy to Profit
    May 25 - 07:39

    i can not decide guys……plz tell me i have apersonal site
    i want some feeds , kinda mix of everything
    plz suggest?

  21. Buy to Profit
    May 25 - 07:51

    also how about google ajex and yahoo pipes….

  22. Jean Galea
    May 25 - 09:37

    I suggest going through the WP RSS Aggregator documentation, it’s a very flexible plugin. Based on the docs you will probably know whether it’s the right fit for what you want to do or not.

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