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  1. Jeffrey Romano
    Jul 10 - 23:36

    Have a look at AG Custom Admin … it allows you to customize the whole admin area incl the login screen i believe. It’s also free.

    • Jean Galea
      Jul 10 - 23:39

      Looks good Jeff, will have to try that one out as well.

  2. Fernando
    Jul 11 - 16:27

    There’s also White Label CMS

  3. dryeyes
    Sep 26 - 12:54

    I narrowed my choice down to ‘white label cms’ and ‘White Label Branding’.
    My client has several employees working within the cms on a daily basis to update content and therefore I need to define which menu items to show up based on user role (editor etc.).
    Which of the two would be better suited for that task in your opinion?

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