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  1. Craig
    Jun 02 - 19:05

    I’m new to the Google Map API – so please bear with me. I want to create a map where people can enter a location for something within the city that needs fixing. For example, they might mark a big pothole or a street light that doesn’t work.

    There might be several ways to have that information sent in, so would I need a plugin like one of the above to pull this off or would it be a standalone coding job?

    Thanks for the great review. I didn’t realize that there were this many choices for mapping plugins.

    • Jean
      Jun 02 - 22:46

      Very interesting idea Craig, I think it would be possible to use one of the above plugins, for example you could allow users to submit an address or coordinates and then use one of these plugins to plot the map using that data. The simplest way would be to enable users to send this data via a form, then you can add the point yourself. However for further automation you could let them directly add points on the map. This would require further customisation and I am not aware of any solution that can do this out of the box. You would somehow need to show the map administration part on the front end for users to select the points. It’s quite an interesting project and I’m sure it can be done given some thought.

  2. RomeLuv
    Jun 29 - 22:44

    I’ve just published a free wordpress plugin enabling you to auto-embed google maps just writing an address on each post.

    It can also display a global map with all the posts displayed as markers – pretty cool and easy. And free of course 😉
    I’d love you to consider adding it to the list as it very lightweight and easy to hack (only one file) yet takes care of geocoding & everything pretty straightforwardly!


    • Jean
      Jun 30 - 11:24

      Nice plugin, adding it to the list, I recommend you make the credit link optional though, in line with WordPress guidelines. Here’s an excerpt from a forum post by Mark Jaquith: “Our policy is that you make the user take an affirmative action (like checking a box/radio button) in order to enable a credits link.”

      • RomeLuv
        Jul 01 - 13:12

        Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll consider it maybe in a forthcoming release. No biggie if my users comment / disable the link, I won’t be too angry 😉

  3. sujon
    Aug 17 - 09:56

    i want to know where the data of my map is loaded in mappress can i show the location data as well as the google map in my post?Please give me advise.


  4. Wow, great timing, thanks for posting this roundup.

    I was just looking for a mapping plugin for one of our clients that would let us add custom markers – shebang – look no more.


    • Jean
      Aug 29 - 11:17

      Welcome, glad to be of help!

  5. Pieter
    Oct 18 - 08:50

    Very interesting and great timing. You forget to post the download link to the RomeLuv Maps plugin. After looking for it myself, I saw it was a V2 version… Too bad.

    • Jean
      Oct 18 - 12:52

      Thanks Pieter added the link now, seems compatible with WP 3, not sure where you found the WP2 version.

  6. Pieter
    Oct 18 - 12:56

    I ment the Google Maps V2 api, not the WP version ;-).

  7. Justin
    Oct 19 - 18:08

    Which one of these maps can contain multiple locations in 1 map added to a wp page? It seems like all only allow 1 location per map.

    • Jean
      Oct 21 - 11:21

      Hi Justin try WP GMappity it allows mulitple markers.

  8. Rich Haslam
    Oct 27 - 00:21

    I have service providers that work within a certain mileage radius. I’m looking for a plugin that would match a clients address with the service provider. Is there one out there….someplace?

    • Jean Galea
      Oct 27 - 07:28

      That’s interesting functionality, I haven’t seen any plugin which does that out of the box however. If you want this functionality and would consider hiring us for developing it feel free to contact us and we’ll look into the details.

  9. Prithvi
    Nov 18 - 08:23


    I find this blog extremely helpful for me, thanks Jean Galea and everyone here!!

    I was just looking for a mapping plugin that would let us add custom markers on the map, can you help with suggestions!

    • Jean Galea
      Nov 18 - 09:21

      Welcome, Pronamic’s plugin lets you use custom markers. From the changelog of version 2.1.2: Adjusted the Google Maps mashup JavaScripts, now each post can have it’s own custom marker icon

  10. Dan
    Dec 01 - 18:41

    Hello Jean

    Are you aware of any Google/Yahoo/Bing map plugins that do pin clustering? I have around 2000 locations.

    Need a WordPress solution that does this

    • Jean Galea
      Dec 01 - 19:13

      Not really sorry Dan, maybe someone else can point you in the right direction. Definitely let us know if you find a solution though!

      • Dan
        Dec 01 - 20:35

        Thanks Jean,

        I just don’t understand how wordpress Map developers could be missing out on something so basic as Marker Manger /Clustering

        I had the E85 Map done a few years ago using clustering.. pulls from mysql db and updates on the fly as new locations are listed.

        Looks like I will hire it out for the wordpress site I am working out..

  11. Dan
    Dec 01 - 20:40

    btw Jean off topic a bit but really enjoy your design work

    • Jean Galea
      Dec 01 - 21:40

      oh all praise for the design should go to, he’s the man behind the design, I was responsible for development.

  12. Heimo Ponnath
    Dec 20 - 18:17

    As I understand each of the plugins needs the coordinates entered into a special box on the web interface, right? I have a special situation: the sender can only send emails (with the pluin Postie)! Can one of the plugins you described take the coordinates from the email?

    • Jean Galea
      Dec 20 - 21:20

      You would have to do some custom coding to achieve that, as far as I know there aren’t any plugins that offer this feature yet.

  13. Ram Sunlover
    Jan 10 - 05:17

    Thanks for the very helpful survey. Have you looked at the “Comprehensive Google Maps Plugin”? It looks like it has almost everything you discuss as positive points in your reviews.

    • Jean Galea
      Jan 10 - 11:36

      Looks good Ram, will be adding it, thanks for your contribution.

  14. David Rothman
    Jan 12 - 03:44

    There is a new WordPress plugin called MapNavigator. It organizes all your MapPress markers and displays them in an easy to navigate hierarchy. This plugin imports a Map Navigation file into your WordPress blog. The Map Navigation file defines one or more Continents, Countries, Regions, States and Cities. The plugin creates Posts that each contain a MapPress map or mashup that provide a linked navigation of the geography using your organization’s name, image file and icon in the Post’s Post, Excerpt and on the Map markers. The Map Navigation hierarchy can then be added to your themes header or provided as a link so that your organization can locate its members Posts or Pages by Geographical area. The plugin also provides an affiliate Register script that adds an Affiliate to your Map Navigation hierarchy along with their link and image when they join your organization. Any post can be added to the Map Navigation hierarchy using the Map Taxonomy tags and a Custom field used by the MapPress plugin.

    Check it out:

  15. Dave Roberts
    Feb 15 - 23:04

    Great article – you may want to look at GeoMashup by cyberhobo as well. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, but does some nifty global maps. There’s even a radius search available on github that adds even more functionality. I’ve got the unmodified versions working on my site now with plans to modify this in the near future.

  16. Nick
    Feb 16 - 10:41

    Hi Jean

    Please have a look at and let me know what you think. I developed it a few weeks ago and it’s starting to accumulate a high number of downloads. I would love it if you could add it to your post.

    Kind regards,


    • Jean Galea
      Feb 16 - 10:54

      Nice work Nick, definitely adding it to the list.

  17. KK
    Feb 21 - 19:38

    Does anyone know of a store/service locator plug-in which uses the API v3 from Google? Pretty much all of the WP plug-ins available with a zip code search functionality, currently, require an API Key – which Google no longer issues. This would be a great help. I wouldn’t mind paying for such a tool.

  18. Turtle
    Mar 01 - 14:09

    Hey Jean – great list, thanks for putting it together!
    I’m looking for a plugin for my travel blog. I’d like to essentially have a map on every post that shows the location of the story – but ALSO has the locations and links to every other story I’ve done.
    Do any of these apps allow you to essentially have a common database of markers but customise the map for each page to have the relevant marker as the focus? (Does that make sense?)

    • Jean Galea
      Mar 02 - 00:36

      Not sure about this scenario, you’ll have to try them out and see whether they fit your purpose, as its been a while since I wrote this.

  19. Sagive SEO
    Mar 05 - 19:37

    10x a lot man.. works like a charm with my custom posts!! love it – adds a lot of color to each review i create :) thanks

  20. Clare
    Mar 09 - 05:42

    Hi Jean,

    I’m doing a website for a local restaurant. Could you recommend a plugin for WP, that would include a google map and reviews (ability to see past reviews and write new ones)? They want to be able to moderate reviews too.

    Any ideas would be a MASSIVE help.

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Madenza
    Mar 13 - 01:51

    Hey, nice list. We will soon release our first free plugin for google maps. We dubbed it Google Map It for DirectoryPress. Please check out our map functions for creating a google map mashup for directory websites in our live demo.

    These plugins are all awesome, and we will at some stage attempt to make another free plugin, just for WordPress. Bookmarked for resource.

    Hope you will also let me mention our first WordPress based map project, called Latitude Longitude Finder. Geocoders are geeks :)

  22. lance
    Mar 14 - 02:35

    hello jean, nice post. just wanna ask which one of these posts can let me add different maps per post. and can be seen on the sidebar. thanks in advance for the help. cheers!!!

  23. Anony
    May 05 - 19:56

    I discover this plugin and i think you forgot it in this cool post !

  24. Michael
    May 24 - 17:46

    Hi Jean,

    I’ve also emailed you personally this question, so please disregard if you get both.

    I’m curious as to your thoughts on something I have for a potential client. My client is in the air charter business and wants to be able to display a map that when a zip, city, etc. is typed in it would show the closest airports (from a database) that they fly to so user can click the airport nearby and that location would load to a form. They would do the same for the to airport.

    Do you have any thoughts to any easy wp plugin for this concept?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have on this.

    Best regards,

  25. Robert
    Jun 11 - 20:47

    Hi Jean,

    I am the developer of “Leaflet Maps Marker” – a full-features mapping plugin which allows you to pin, organize & show your favorite places through OpenStreetMap/WMTS, Google Maps/Earth (KML), GeoJSON or Augmented-Reality browsers and is available in currently 8 languages. For a demo and a full list of features please visit

    Although it uses mainly OSM as basemaps, I´d really appreciate if you could add my plugin to your list! (support for Google Maps is planned in one of the next versions 😉


    • Jean Galea
      Jun 12 - 09:51

      Thanks for letting us know about this Robert.

    • SkyWombat
      Oct 16 - 23:07

      Leaflet Maps Marker is really nice. I especially like the possibility to add several marker styles, create different layers with many markers on them and of course the choice of other maps than just google maps.
      Of course there is still quite a bit of development to be done, e.g. marker clustering and the possibility to create a new marker directly out of a post or via the WP iPhone app.

      • Robert
        Oct 17 - 07:19

        Hi SkyWombat,
        the development of Leaflet Maps Marker is by long not finished now – there are a lot of new features on the roadmap – I just have to find time to implement them 😉
        Marker clustering is one of those, adding markers directly from post edit screen also. Adding via WP iPhone app is also a good idea – will check if I can hook into this app somehow…

  26. Spyros
    Jun 12 - 15:55

    Hello. Thank you very much for sharing all this information.
    I am interested in creating a page in my wp site with a map inside. But I would like to add markers on the maps and when readers click on them, to open the relative article that I have posted about the specific’s area marker.
    Is it possible?

    Thank you very much in advance

    • Robert
      Jun 12 - 20:01

      Hi Spyros,
      with Leaflet Maps Marker, this is possible too.

  27. Nick
    Jun 12 - 19:39

    Hi Spyros

    WP Google Maps can do this.

  28. Martin Fisher
    Jun 26 - 11:21

    Thanks for the round-up of maps. I am looking to

    Search box for the user to type in their address or part of.
    Google/Bing maps to show the address on a map
    The marker dragged to indicate the actual house in question (BTW this is for the install of solar panels)

    the location to be added into the form do the user can send it along with there contact info.

    I’m yet to find anything that does this but I have seen a couple of HTML implementations

    A pluggin that delivers this would be ideal – has anyone come across or created anything that fits the bill?

    • Jean Galea
      Mar 03 - 13:37

      Have you found your ideal plugin Martin? Would be great if you could share here.

      • Martin Fisher
        Mar 03 - 23:13

        Sadly not found a WP plug-in that allows the user to find an areas (say the post code of their house or field) and then be able to highlight the roof or field edge and send the results via a form to the site owner so that they can see the same data. I’ve seen a few implementations on other sites but nothing as a plugging. – any one else come across this?

  29. ChrisPage
    Oct 24 - 23:43

    Great post – some good plugins to look at. Just a question in case you know before I go and hunt through them individually!

    Most of these plugins allow you to create a map with multiple markers. But do any offer a search bar, so visitors to my site could insert their town or zip/postcode and the map would zoom there, showing the markers nearest to them?

  30. harrybhanot
    Apr 11 - 22:54

    That,s really nice but I have found something which set it up as background.. you can check it out here. This only work with optin pages to build list.

  31. 2techgirls
    May 23 - 16:26

    I’m looking for a map plugin that is user driven, so that visitors to the site can add their own pin or mark to the map. This would have to be from a page on the site – not from the dashboard. Anyone know of a plugin that allows that?

    • Nick
      May 23 - 19:55

      WP Google Maps – Visitor Generated Markers plugin does exactly what your asking for :)

    • Leaflet Maps Marker v3.6 (which will be released in about a month) will include a native REST API which will allow flexible adding of pins – for example from forms or by external applications / plugins. For more details please see the API docs at

      • 2techgirls
        May 23 - 23:14

        We may need some custom development. Will either of these handle that?

  32. Mike
    May 25 - 18:13

    Hi. Not sure if there is an out-of-box solution for this, but I am looking for a map WordPress plugin that will display geocentric pins for cities and will display the city name. Ideally, I would love it if the user could pick 3 different city “pins” on the map and then communicate these selections back to wordpress to be fed back into my CRM.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

  33. Madenza Eishit
    May 28 - 12:14

    This post set me on my way to find my own solution to use in a directory setup.
    The map pins needed to be dynamically added from the listings, with some search add on that focus on delivering results on the map.
    In beta – but working nicely. You can use the search location PRETORIA 0001 if want to check out on my site

    Wan’t enough, so wanted to add new dynamic map that works with multi location listings as well. Just added the first of these, still some issues, but will soon be there. You can check out the link for another multiple pin map using same ”widget” but calling pins by tag.

    The next edition add on is to add the multiple pin map to a specific listing tab. This is a demo link to these custom tabs, and should have this up and running by the weekend. A listing for whatever, will then be able to have a custom map in their listing, with multiple pins. Unlimited use on same url, with different data. Check out the tabs here

  34. Darrell
    May 30 - 19:27

    I’m looking for a geo map plugin that captures the computers location and displays it as a map on a home page or post and will list the person’s city location on the map? All without the person entering their location information.

  35. Hello
    If you have been looking for a unique way to set up your photo gallery, the Flip Image Plugin is it!
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  36. Sweta
    Jun 23 - 08:00

    Which would be the best google map plugin for a wordpress site where one can include custom fields(click on the legend to get the detailed information) for the legend or location I mark on the map, something like this site.

    Kindly suggest which plugin would be useful to incorporate this feature.
    Thanks for helping out.

  37. jon
    Jun 28 - 16:32

    hey I’m looking for guidance folks. I”m using jotform as a multiple step submission process for solar industry.. what I really want is to be able to integrate a gmap plugin to my website similar to

    how do I tell if what these companies used is a plug in or custom. any ideas on how to itegrate

    my form

    Jul 02 - 12:58

    I think the admin of this web site is actually working hard in favor of his website,
    for the reason that here every data is quality based material.

  39. Steave
    Jul 20 - 08:18 – best google map plugin I ever seen.

  40. eglisn
    Aug 21 - 23:16

    For travel routes on Google Map checkout:

  41. Josh
    Sep 05 - 23:04

    Thanks for the shoutout for We just launched our pro version and think you’re readers will dig it:

    Lots more features and style updates for Google Maps.

  42. Taylor Mason
    Sep 11 - 16:30

    really helpful review of google map plugins for wordpress…

  43. scadenas
    Sep 14 - 07:56

    Does anyone know a nice maps plug-in for wordpress which uses a direction/zip code search functionality to another direction/zip code and after directions have been submitted it pops up a form letting people to contact us requesting more information?

    We need to save in the form both directions and catch their contact information.

    We are a transportation company and we want to provide this map functionality into our registration page. We would not mind paying for such a tool.

  44. Daniel
    Oct 02 - 13:30

    I just bougth this premium WordPress Plugin. Allows to generate Maps in wordpress very easily: change the color, the markers and you can use with shortcodes. I hope that will help!

  45. mwbarrowsMichael
    Nov 01 - 16:11

    Hey guys,
    Hope you can help – I’m developing a wordpress restaurant directory site optimised for mobiles and I’m looking for a GPS plugin to enable a user to search for the nearest outlet(s) to their current position.

    Any thoughts/suggestions much appreciated.

  46. Mau
    Nov 18 - 04:07

    Hey! Nice list… I’m very noob in this topics, I just lunched my first blog two days ago, it is in spanish, but here’s the link

    I just have a question, I want to make a custom map that contains several pinpoints to links with audio, the idea is to post an audio file witch is an ambient sound of the street or whatever and map it in a single map that contain it all… That can be done? Like I say I’m very noob at this.

    Thx very much!

    • Josh Sears
      Aug 22 - 20:53

      Awesome idea! Our plugin will work with something like that and you can easily link to the audio like you mentioned:

  47. Baris
    Nov 19 - 09:01
  48. Hans Anders
    Nov 20 - 09:38

    Comprehensive Google Map Plugin causes a jQuery version problem with my site although I run the latest WP supplied version of jQuery. The interface and functionality supplied by CGM is very nice though. I hope they can fix this issue …

  49. ttfan
    Nov 25 - 02:56

    Great article!

    I have yet to find a Google Map plugin which
    1. Allows you to add in all shows/clubs, etc AND
    2. Has a search field for the user, where you can type in an address, and the map will automatically zoom into the area to show you the nearest shops/clubs.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot!

    • joshsears
      Nov 25 - 10:07

      Hi ttfan, i posted this previously so hopefully it’s not flagged as spam, but this plugin does the zooming/sorting exactly as you specified:

      There is a demo of this feature on the google map, at the pinpoint just above Mexico. It also has searching by city, customized filtering, etc. Hope it helps!

  50. coprhead
    Dec 25 - 05:09

    Great Info Jean. Maybe I missed the post(s) on what would be best for a membership site that visitors would post their own custom map pin. For example fishing hotspots; which of course no one would actually share lol.

  51. Jay
    Jan 14 - 13:57

    Very glad I found you and your work, Jean. You seem to be the guy to ask, so here goes…

    I am looking for a plugin that will create an array by using a location from an event and comparing to our member’s addresses within our database. Any ideas?

    Thanks, in advance, for your time and consideration.


  52. maddennza
    Feb 01 - 16:58

    Maybe you can have a look at our new plugin for maps and WP
    Dynamic maps for power sites, free to download and use

  53. Shawn Cookson
    Mar 18 - 23:23

    This is the second great article you’ve written that I stumbled across. You’re obviously an expert in the area of WP maps. Any chance you or anyone could critique my site? It’s still work in progress but would love to get some feedback. I have to get the widget to stay open by adding some code. It is the “+” in the lower right hand corner.

  54. Chris
    Apr 23 - 22:45

    What a great article. I am looking for a google maps plugin that will show an address that the user enters in a form. So the user enters their address and it shows their house on a google map.
    What plugin will do this?

    Thanks for the great article! Any advice?

  55. See, this plugin provides the possibility to search an address.

  56. darkmanxl
    Nov 01 - 12:23

    sadly is not compatible with WP 4.0 I spent 50 bucks on the pro version and cant use it.

    • localfoodcoordinator
      Nov 03 - 16:42

      Actually MapifyPro is 100% compatible with WordPress 4.0 and above. We use both on our site. Be sure to update to the latest version 2.0.6. Thanks!

  57. kopero
    Nov 06 - 23:22

    Hello, I am interested to plot a real-time track (update every second) from a GPX file, do you know any plugin that may be can help me out?

  58. Posh Patties
    Nov 17 - 10:44

    Hi there, thansk for your post on this.

    Back in 2011 you had this question:

    I have service providers that work within a certain mileage radius. I’m looking for a plugin that would match a clients address with the service provider. Is there one out there….someplace?

    I have a simiar requiremmet for a delivery service. I need my service providor to enter their postcode in the submission form and the radius they cover and for the user, from the homepage, to enter their postcode to see which providers cover their area. Do you know if anything similar has been developed since then?

    Thanks again

  59. Bob Jones
    Dec 12 - 23:16

    I have a multisite installation where each site needs to have its own map which will contain from 0..n markers that must be dynamically added in PHP at the time the map is rendered. I want to put the map in an iframe and be able to click on any of the markers and have the map expand to the location of the marker.

    I don’t need (or want) the overhead of setting up each marker in the dashboard. I want to be able to load the markers at run-time.

    It isn’t obvious to me that any of the plugins mentioned above can do this. Your thoughts?

  60. Simon
    Dec 16 - 09:35

    Hi Bob!

    You can try Ready! Google Maps

    It have similar functionality you can customize to your needs

  61. DigitalTavern
    Jan 24 - 03:46

    Great stuff and that you’ve kept this updated.

    I’m looking for a very simple solution for a travel blog. I want to display a “Where Am I Now” Google map with pin — where that location can be sent to the WP plugin or site by iPhone. This way the map can be updated remotely and displayed in sidebar via widget. Seems basic enough, but most of these plugins are extremely feature reach but not this possible function. Thoughts?

  62. Chris Booth
    Mar 27 - 14:14

    It seems that Comprehensive Google Map Plugin is no longer being supported by the author (see He recommends Maps Marker Pro as an alternative, although it doesn’t have exactly the same features.

    However the plugin has now been forked and relaunched by Norbert Preining as “Slick Google Map Plugin”:

  63. Here are some of explanations why we opted Platinum.

  64. Philip Sumesgutner
    Aug 21 - 08:32

    Comprehensive Google Map Plugin: not supported anymore, you should remove it off your list

    • Robert
      Aug 21 - 10:16

      new features are not added to Comprehensive Google Map Plugin anymore – anyway a compatibility check on new WordPress updates is done to verify that it still works with the latest version – so removing it from the list would not be necessary…

  65. Davis Brown
    Oct 14 - 02:41

    Your article is very good. Out of five discussed above, My recommendation goes to Map Press. This plugin has extensive features even in the free versions. MapPress is so convenient to use. You can create maps right in the page/post edit screen. If you want very simple and absolutely free mapping solution, then the Google Maps widget will be a right choice. Check out these top google map plugins which I shared recently on my blog.

  66. deepa
    Oct 15 - 01:13

    Hey! Nice collection…
    Many thanks for the work. I found another best collection of wordpress map plugins over here : 1. WP Google Maps
    2. Leaflet Maps Marker
    3. Interactive World Maps
    4. Map List Pro
    5. MapSVG
    6. SB Multilingual Responsive Google Map with Styles
    hope this will helpful for you.

  67. Karsten Zander
    Oct 15 - 04:40

    Finished Map templates can be found on

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