Top 20 Affiliate Themes For WordPress

Creating affiliate sites is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Surprisingly enough, following some research, there doesn’t seem to be that many WordPress themes catering for this niche, especially when compared to other niches theme builders target very frequently.

However it is a fact that many affiliate marketers are looking for themes to build their sites quickly and effectively, as WordPress is the CMS of choice for affiliate marketing due to its ease of use and SEO goodness. Today we present you some of the best affiliate marketing themes we found, hopefully you will find one or more which will be useful for your scenario.

1. Intellitheme

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The ONLY WordPress Theme that automatically optimizes your website for optimal clicks and earnings. Intellitheme does the split testing and optimization for you, allowing you to focus more time on site creation and scaling your business.

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2. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a powerful platform to transform your squeeze pages, sales letters, offer pages, launch funnels and membership sites into quite simply, an optimized and professional display. It will help you build opt-in lists, create a frenzy with buyers and boost your sales. Best of all, it will not require a Diploma in Information Technology to implement.

You are able to choose from 10 tested and proven templates for your squeeze/landing pages to send your optin rate through the roof, and build your list like it was on steroids.

Make your next launch epic! Utilizing OptimizePress and their advanced features will increase your visitor response and make your launch something that will be talked about for years to come.

Create an eye-catching blog that you can use as the front end of your business to drive traffic to, or as a back end for providing news and updates regarding your business.

Usability of OptimizePress has been simplified by the creators providing comprehensive and super-clear video tutorials, which have been provided in High Definition format. It has to be one of the best in the industry.

Something alot of internet marketers have been clamoring for has been the ability to create Timed or One-Off launches. OptimizePress come to the party with the ability for the creator to set “go live” dates for specific pages, to relatively automate your launch process.

One of the most exciting things about Internet Marketing today is utilizing Facebook comments and sharing, to bring in free, targeted, viral traffic. With OptimizePress this functionality is a few clicks away. Twitter of course is integrated into the sharing functionalities.

Your formatting needs are covered, with the templates allowing you to get your Title, Text and Bullet points sorted out in a WYSIWYG format (that being what you see is what you get). If that is not enough, browser compatibility issues are not of a concern, as OptimizePress already meets the HTML and CSS standards required.

OptimizePress and video truly go hand in hand. You are able to utilize your own video hosted at Amazon S3 or on your server, or use embedded videos from YouTube or other online video services like Easy Video Player and EZS3.

The OptimizePress system remembers whether or not your visitor have opted in to your funnel, and as a result, returning visitor’s to your site won’t be shown your squeeze page again. This is critical to protect your launch content from non optins, who will be directed to your squeeze page initially. This is part of the earlier mentioned ‘steriods’ for list building come into play.

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3. Premise

Premise started as just a simple but feature-rich plugin that enabled WordPress users to create optimized landing pages without having any coding knowledge. These landing pages can be used as sales pages for selling software, services, eBooks, other digital downloads and more.

With the recent release of Premise 2.0, WordPress users can now build secure membership sites as well. It really was the next logical step. Now, you can create beautiful, optimized landing pages and offer folks the option of becoming a member to your website in order to access member-only content. It’s all automated and even has a recurring payments option.

The beauty of purchasing Premise is that there is only a one-time fee instead of the monthly/yearly renewals that many premium WordPress plugins employ. The price is currently set at $165 which gets you unlimited use on websites, membership gateways, digital product downloads, landing pages, copywriting advice, use of the graphics library, software updates, and best of all, support.

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4. Compare – Price Comparison Theme for WordPress

Compare is a Powerful, Professional, Premium WordPress Price Comparison theme. It comes packed with an impressive array of custom options and widgets. Whether you’re an occasional personal blogger planning to earn revenue from product feeds, experienced affiliate or an Internet Entrepreneur, Compare will assist you to generate commission from product sales.

Using the theme options and widgets you can manually add products and import your CSV product feed, control content layout, manage your own advertising, pull in your latest tweets, show your latest video, display your latest photos, and much, much more. Compare looks great out of the box but also acts as the perfect blank canvas for those looking to customise and develop their own Price Comparison site.

Compare Affiliate Theme for WordPress

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5. Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine

Gadgetine is premium blog magazine theme that will also work well for a serious news portal. It has 3 columns, 8 news sections and a LOT banner spaces on the first page. The theme is very friendly for affiliate marketers or just regular bloggers who wish to monetize their hobby. You will appreciate the ability to easily promote specific posts and create your own pages with no limitations. Carefully placed banner spaces will help to make the sale.

Theme has its own configuration page, so you won’t have to edit any code files. Setup is very easy. With built in thumbnail generator, you will have no problem creating great looking articles. The theme also includes automatic picture resize script, that will save you hours of resizing those pictures from older version of your website. You will also have a special page for your RSS feeds and many more great features.

Gadgetine Affiliate Theme for WordPress

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6. Marisa – A WordPress Magazine Theme

Marisa is a simple, clean and beautiful WordPress magazine theme with great features, such as the built in review system that lets you review whatever you want and gives you up to 5 rating criteria. Furthermore you can add a “Buy now button” which you can use for example an affiliate link. The theme comes with 2 skins, a light & dark. You can easily customize the main and secondary colors of the theme inside the custom Theme Options.

Marisa Affiliate Theme for WordPress

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7. Lista Landing Page

Lista Landing Page is a premium landing page design for your newsletter or download, even just a service, – it’s your choice. Lista Landing Page takes good use of the Z Reading pattern to guide the eye around the design and ultimately convert your visitors in to subscribers or buyers.

Lista Affiliate Theme for WordPress

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8. SwagMag – WordPress Magazine/Review Theme

SwagMag is the first-of-it’s-kind magazine style premium WordPress theme that allows you to create unlimited custom review “mini-sites” within your main website (works for non-review sites just as well as review sites!). That means you can load up your site with tons of content and then present it to your users in an organized way using just one or multiple mini-sites.

Swagger’s front page will grab content from your mini-sites and display it all together in an awesome, content-rich page to give your users the best user experience possible. Swagger is guaranteed to increase both the average length of time that your users spend on your site and the average number of pages that they view.

Swagger Affiliate Theme for WordPress

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9. Instant Q&A

Looking for a questions and answers theme? This is the template you have been searching for. Instant Q&A is a custom WordPress template that can turn any WordPress blog into a robust question and answer site.

Travel Affiliate Theme for WordPress

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10. CouponPress

Build beautiful, search engine friendly coupon code websites easily with CouponPress! This theme includes build-in support for affiliate coupons, offers, printable coupons and lots more. CouponPress lets you setup custom stores to group your coupons under, each store can have its own customized description, logo and images. You can setup products with your own buy links and/or use affiliate links so you earn commission. Links can also be cloaked for better SEO. You can turn on/off the ability for visitors to submit their own coupons, offers and printable coupons to your website and charge users for doing so.

CouponPress Affiliate Theme for WordPress

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11. Price Comparison Theme for WordPress

ComparisonPress is a price comparison theme for WordPress that lets you setup price comparison websites and earn affiliate commission online. You can import any affiliate XML or CSV product list into your ComparionPress website using our built in feed tools. ComparisonPress import tools have been tested with many top affiliate network feeds to ensure smooth product imports. (ClickBank, Linkshare, ShareASale etc). You can search, filter and import products directly from Amazon, Ebay and Datafeedr right from the ComparionPress Admin Area. ComparionPress has been developed with search engine best practises to ensure your website ranks higher in search engines. You can setup products with your own buy links and/or use affiliate links so you earn commision, links can also be cloaked for better SEO.

ComparisonPress Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Get ComparisonPress

12. Clipper

Clipper is the leading coupon application theme built for WordPress. This theme was designed for ease-of-use and tight integration with WordPress so you’ll be online and providing coupons within minutes. With thousands of AppThemes customers and a very active community, you can trust that Clipper is here to stay. To learn more about its features, click the link below.

Clipper Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Get Clipper Coupon theme for WordPress

13. Vantage

Vantage is the most popular business directory theme for WordPress. It’s powerful, robust, and easy to use. Quit messing around with other directory themes that only cause headaches and hours of troubleshooting and maintenance. Vantage is simple and pain-free. Within minutes of downloading Vantage, you can create the killer directory site you have always dreamed of.

Vantage Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Get Vantage business directory theme

14. Rethink Product Review

Rethink Product Review Themes are compatible with all the latest version of WordPress. You are free to make any number of website with the theme. You can put the Product video, Opt-in form, Product images, anything you like all the textbox support HTML and it is really easy to use the theme.

You can show any number of products, it completely depends on you. You have to just grab your affiliate ID and content and you are ready to launch a new product. Themes support almost all the major affiliate programs. All you have to do is just grab your affiliate links and put in the custom  text box and you are now ready with your affiliate website.

Rethink Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Get ReThink product review theme for WordPress

15. Price Compare

Price Compare Theme is strategically built with widgetized homepage, loads of custom widgets and awesome SEO capabilities. It comes with built in support for Amazon and CJ (Commission Junction). Showcasing products from those sources is easy as inputting your unique information in theme back-end. But that’s not all.  The theme allows you to create unlimited number of feeds using .csv files.

In order to make managing the homepage as easy as possible you will find a completely widgetized homepage in Price Compare. Adding and removing content is as simple as drag and drop. To make the deal even sweeter main content widget area allows you to create new tabs using widgets. To make editing the content even easier Price Compare comes with 30 unique shortcodes. You can use these shortcodes in blog posts, pages and even products. Using shortcodes is as simple as inputting the correct “code” inside the description window of your post, product or page.

Price Compare Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Get Price Compare theme

16. WordPress Product Review Theme

This new WordPress Product Review Theme has been designed by internet marketers for other internet marketers who knows exactly how a review style theme should be structured to convert more visitors to buyers. With affiliate marketers in mind, owners created one of the best looking and highest converting product review themes. You’ve probably heard about how hot Clickbank and especially Amazon review style websites are right now. Well, now is your chance to start building product review style websites quickly and easily.

Product Review Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Get Product review theme for WordPress

17. Review Engine

No matter what kind of products you want to review (hosting services, automobiles, mobile phones, etc), Review Engine will allow you to turn a simple WordPress website into a fully functional reviewing system in a matter of minutes. Because it is loaded with tons of impressive features, Review Engine has proven to be a very valuable business solution over the past year.

ReviewsEngine Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Get Review Engine Theme

18. Splash


Splash is a blogger’s best friend. With Splash, you can review and rate products or services, all using the built-in review feature. It’s built to stand out with a sleek design, and it adapts to any situation you use it for. The fluid grid means that device type or browser size is never an issue.

Download Splash

19. The Affiliate Store

The Affiliate Store WordPress Theme

Get The Affiliate Store Theme

20. WP Zon Builder

WP Zon Builder WordPress

Get WP Zon Builder Plugin

Have you used any other themes suitable for affiliate marketing? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

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  1. BathBetty
    BathBetty May 29, 2013 at 01:22 | | Reply

    Nice round up. Another fairly good theme that we use for our Amazon affiliate site is ‘AzonProfitStore’ which works quite well combined with the WPZonBuilder plugin

  2. Michael Dampfreiniger
    Michael Dampfreiniger June 21, 2013 at 14:53 | | Reply

    Thank you so much for the List. I have chosen the Review Engine for my next project! Incredible how much better it is compared to my current theme. Greetings, from Germany

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      Glad you found this post useful Michael.

  3. Susceptible Emilio
    Susceptible Emilio July 9, 2013 at 12:58 | | Reply is also very good. I use it myself.

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    Great review, I recently found a one more great affiliate review theme with user rating –

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    Great review, I recently found a one more great affiliate review theme with user rating –

    P.S.Sorry, wrong link in previously comment.

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    Really thanks for your reviews. I was planning to buy one review theme, finally i got one from this them ( Splash ). Thanks a lot.

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    Ok all these affiliate themes are great but either giving all links from a particular categories but none of them is able to show only selected items from a store. They are not supporting any such theme who is able to display items from different website. Do you any such theme ? Kindly let me know, waiting for your kind response.

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    SwagMag is good theme , i like it

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    GamersHub July 27, 2014 at 15:57 | | Reply

    I have not dived too deeply into WP aff. programs, but I recently discovered an aff. program that I really liked. I was watching a live stream at and there was this guy who apparently had an aff program set up for video game CD keys.

    All I can say is that after having digged through all the info, it looks good and I signed up. The program is called G2a Goldmine and there are a lot of serious players involved (as in some of the best known twitch streamers), putting their face to it/vouching for it. You basically direct people via an affiliate link and you get a percentage of whatever they buy. Here is my aff link: – oh and just in case, feel free to run it through the VirusTotal link checker: – it´s 100% “clean site”.

    Check it out, I think you might just like it :-)

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    I like the your research on the themes and I do appreciate this. Keep it up bro ;)

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    Marisa is really a super wordress theme but i am not sure if its great for affiliate product reviews. Most of the wordpress themes you suggested are overall good.

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